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Sometimes I Cannot Find My Laughter

I try to believe that my son is enough to complete me. I’m continuously reminding myself that I am grateful for the family that I have.

But I know that I’m lying to myself.

There is a deep hole where the comfort and security of my soul once was. Because my one true friend…the only person I have ever known not to disappoint, always loyal, is gone.

All human life is irreplaceable. In my little corner of the Universe, this one irreplaceable life is devastating. Her death has left me friendless. No one knows me…or how to handle me like she did. And I was the same for her.

I miss my mom, but she was suffering and I knew her death was a blessing to her. But my best friend? My sister in all but blood? No. She was in her prime. She had everything ahead of her. She was going to marry the love of her life.

And then she died.

And more days than I care to admit, I can hardly stand her loss.




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One thought on “Sometimes I Cannot Find My Laughter

  1. Love her smile! she looks like a wonderful person to have had as a friend – you are lucky in that you had her – even if for a short time – friends are a blessing – and she will always be in your heart


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